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Adjustable Pole Strap


Adjustable Pole Strap
Model: Werner 72

Adjustable strap design for all diameter poles. Slip-resistant rubber grip stitched to strap. Strap assembly comes with mounting hardware and instructions.


Kit No. Fits on Fiberglass Series Ladder Size Approx. Shipping
Wt. Lbs.
72-1 7100-1ALL1.3 Lbs.
72-1 D7500-216' to 32'1.3 Lbs.
72-2 D6200-2ALL1.3 Lbs.
72-2 7100-2ALL1.3 Lbs.
72-2 D7100-2ALL1.3 Lbs.
72-3 D7500-236' to 40'1.3 Lbs.
A72 D6200-2ALL1.3 Lbs.
A72 7100-1ALL1.3 Lbs.
A72 7100-2ALL1.3 Lbs.
A72 D7100-2ALL1.3 Lbs.
A72 D7500-2ALL1.3 Lbs.

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