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Little Giant MXZ - Skyscraper



Little Giant MXZ - Skyscraper

The Little Giant SkyScraper makes replacing lights and performing other ceiling-height work in auditoriums, gymnasiums, racquetball courts and churches a simpler, far less time-consuming project. The inconvenience and expense of scaffolding or power lifts are, at last, no longer necessary.MXZ

The SkyScraper comes in three sizes: Model 15, Model 17, and Model 21. The Model 15 has a stepladder height that adjusts from 8’- 15’ and has a storage height of 8’ 7”. The Model 17 adjusts from 9’- 17’ and has a storage height of 9’ 7”, and the Model 21 adjusts from 11’ – 21’ and has a storage height of 11’ 7” (OSHA and ANSI recommend not standing any higher than the 3rd rung from the top of any ladder.)

But perhaps the SkyScraper's real beauty is its "fold-down" size. The SkyScraper Model Twenty-One stores in just 11'7".

Compared to scaffolding, lifts and other large ladders, the SkyScraper makes moving through hallways, doors, and reaching high ceilings, a cinch. Setup goes a lot faster as well.

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