Enclosures, Fences & Barriers

A typical “storefront enclosure” installed by York Scaffold will serve two purposes at the same time.  First, and most obviously, it will provide protection for the building while the street-level storefront is under renovation.  Second, and less obviously, it will provide access to the façade so the contractor can safely and easily perform the renovation work.  


York’s Estimators will work with the building owner or contractor to identify the specific needs which arise from the renovation to be performed and the building’s unique shape and size.  These may include such considerations as the number and placement of doors in the enclosure face, if a roof is desired on the enclosure, or how many levels of decking the contractor may need on the internal supported scaffold. 


Also installed on supported scaffolding, “weather wrap” provides a different type of enclosure protection. Usually used during the winter season, a fabric “weather wrap” is intended to provide weather protection for workers performing their tasks while standing on the scaffold. In addition to keeping out rain and snow, such weather wrap enclosures are often used during the winter months to contain the heat which is generated on the open floors of a construction site inside the enclosed supported scaffold.

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